We make the good beef


In the late 1800s, Scotsman George Grant brought the first four Angus bulls to the United States, crossed them with Texas Longhorn cattle, and the breed that would become America's favorite beef was born. Over the next century, the hornless, solid black animal became synonymous with steaks and burgers that are prized in kitchens and on grills from coast to coast.


Our genetics...our cattle are bred and born here


Our cows are pastured on the premises, grazing lush pastures and drinking fresh well water. They are fed a proprietary diet high in protein, fiber and the essential nutrients that produce perfectly-marbled meat. Their ration includes plenty of corn silage grown at Sherwood.

We are not certified organic, but we take pride in our herd and we handle each animal with care and individual attention. We do not administer any growth hormones, and antibiotics are never present in the animals we slaughter.

Can I put in about bulls rather than steers?

Where does your food really come from? At Sherwood Farm, we know every animal "by name." Each one was bred and born here, raised humanely, and hand-selected for the qualities that make superior beef.


At around 18 months of age, our bulls are delivered to 7 Hills Abattoir for slaughter. 7 Hills dry ages the beef for 28 days in a temperature- and humidity-controlled locker before delivery to the customer.

Like fine wine, beef improves with age. Dry aging tenderizes beef and enhances its flavor. More art than science, dry aging is expensive and requires constant attention and expertise throughout the process. Only the highest-quality beef dry ages properly; in fact, some customers have aged Sherwood beef for up to 18 weeks for a truly unforgettable steak.


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